TCS is a China based company that provides Sourcing-from-China service to clients all over the world. Our mission is to add value to our clients by streamlining the sourcing process in China, providing best service and delivering best product.

We started our sourcing business as a group of freelancers, coming together and pooling resources to form an all-star team. We’ve helped more than 100 clients from US, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND etc. to grow their product lines by sourcing qualified products from China and expand their business.

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Our Team

Our team are formed with members who have long working experience either as full-time employees or freelancer in sourcing, supply chain management and project management etc., which makes us the expert in this field, and enables us to be able to provide best service to meet customer needs.

We add value to our clients and fellow partners by exploring beyond the limits and keeping the highest possible standards in all that we do.