About TCS – Your China Sourcing Expert

Sourcing from China is challenging sometimes due to language, time difference, experience and knowledge of sourcing-from-China.
Supply market in China is kind of unique compared to other countries. For one single product from China, there’s
always dozens of suppliers, who’s operated as manufacturer or trading company, with different price,
quality, MOQ and lead time, which leads to risks of profit loss or project failure.

As experienced sourcing agent, we’re able to help buyers to do research, screen, select right suppliers, negotiate price and get right quality to maximize profit and minimize risks, not just to get a quote.

TCS was founded in China in 2014, and provides Sourcing-from-China service, which covering sourcing, factory audit, production, product inspection and shipping, to clients all over the world. Our mission is to add value to our clients by streamlining their sourcing process in China, provide best service and deliver best products.

Our team are formed with a group of people who’s experienced in sourcing, supply chain management and project management, coming together and pooling resources to form an all-star team. We’ve helped more than 100 clients from US, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND etc. to grow their product lines by sourcing qualified products from China and expand their business.


About the Founder:

David has more than 10 years working experience in Unilever, Ecolab etc. as sourcing leader, supply chain leader, and gained extensive knowledge in sourcing, supplier management, operation efficiency optimization etc., During his full-time career, he helped employers saved millions of dollars by implementing different sourcing strategy.

In 2014, David resigned from Ecolab, and started to work as freelancer to provide sourcing-from-China service, so he could take care of his 4-year-old son while running the business. During the 1st half years, he can’t get any project just because of his high price which is based on his full-time salary. He has no choice, but to adjust the price to very junior level, then after another month, he finally got one small sourcing project from an Amazon seller, and started the business. But from there, he continued to build his name and worked with more and more Companies from all over the world by providing quality sourcing service.