What Can TCS Help Me With?

We provide full service which includes ALL aspects of the China Sourcing and Shipping:

Product evaluation

Investigate a product it terms of availability, MOQ, price etc. to see if it meets with requirements of client.

Product sourcing

We are experts in researching and finding the most reliable manufacturers for your products.

Ordering samples

Purchase samples on your behalf, sent to our China office, then combine shipment and send to you to save freight cost.


Negotiate price and terms and get you a good deal, we don’t guarantee lowest price, but good product with reasonable price.


Manage the entire production in order to stay on top of any potential errors or delays, and work with both sides on issues if there’s any.


Do product inspection ourselves or via third party inspection, and send clients full report for next step.


Work with clients’ or our recommended forwarder, negotiate freight, prepare custom docs, and ship product properly to destination.


  • Quick, clear English communication by Text/Audio/Video;
  • Deep market research, and select the best suppliers in industry from online platform and our established database;
  • Report of up to 5 selected quotes with recommendations within 48 hours;
  • Verified manufacturers instead of trading companies;
  • Best price negotiation by analyzing the key cost drivers;
  • Professional factory audit and prior shipment quality check
  • Sample collection and shipping;
  • Regular project conference calls and real-time status reporting
  • China address and representative to your company


  • We can’t guarantee lowest price: there’s always different options in China, but price is related to quality and service, we will balance price and quality, select right suppliers and quotes for our clients.
  • We can’t guarantee fast delivery: products always have its own production cycle time, and as per our experience, pushing fast delivery frequently lead to mistakes or quality issues. We will monitor closely to make sure production finished in reasonable time but meanwhile not rush supplier too much.
  • We can’t guarantee risk free solution: we provide sourcing service, and work as your expanded sourcing department. We’re experienced in what we’re doing, we will try to minimize the risks as much as possible for our clients. But we’re not superman, that could guarantee zero risk related to business.